Lightspeed Sorority

is every man's lesbian sorority fantasy come true with 100% original teen and lesbian content!   All the new sorority girls must pass a series of naughty initiation dares, and you won't believe what we get them to do!

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Tawnee with Toy
Tawnee w/Toy
18 year old Tawnee enters the Sorority with a smoking masturbation video!
Carrie's initiation
Carrie's Initiation
18 year old Carrie (left) proves that she has what it takes to join this sorority!
Sisterly Love
Sisterly Love
Taylor and Melissa show Raimi how to eat pussy!
Taught to suck
Taught to suck
Young Susan and Raimi must learn to suck cock!
Naughty Lineup
Naughty Lineup
Our girls show off their assets.
How to take a facial cumshot
How to take a facial cumshot
Raimi's dares included slurping pudding from the end of a 8 inch dildo!
Fill my panties with cream
Fill my panties
The girls fill Raimi's panties with whip cream in preparation for a kinky paddling!
Two-girl suckoff
Double Suck
Susan and Raimi practice for their first time at a frat party!
Carrie and Bree play "guess whose nipple"
Carrie and Bree
Blindfolded Bree has to guess whose nipple she is licking... A wrong guess earns her another drink!
To meet all the girls from the naughtiest sorority in the world and see thousands of photos and videos from our monthly initiation parties

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